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Anglais Snøhetta (édition en anglais)

With offices in Oslo, Innsbruck, San Francisco, and New York, and projects all over the world, Snøhetta's architecture, landscape, interior, and branding design projects are created across political boundaries, at all scales, and are fundamentally concerned with the unique interactions between people and places. Through stunning imagery and evocative narrative text, this book showcases 24 exceptional projects - including the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Pavilion and the Oslo Opera House - which, together, illustrate Snøhetta's boundary-pushing and highly collaborative approach to design.

  • EAN 9780714877174
  • Disponibilité Disponible
  • Nombre de pages 256 Pages
  • Longueur 27 cm
  • Largeur 21 cm
  • Épaisseur 3 cm
  • Poids 1 208 g
  • Distributeur Sodis

Rayon(s) : Arts et spectacles > Architecture / Urbanisme > Histoire de l'architecture > 20e siècle